Our factory is located at Xuyen A Industrial Zone in Long An province, Vietnam.


Since 1988

Family-owned tannery and leather crafter since 1988, we committed ourselves to high quality leather products.

Product quality

The fascinating about the crocodile leather is that their patterns never repeat.

Our simple designs aim to shine bright the details of every crocodile leather skin that we used.

Fine craftmanship

“Details within simplicity” is our philosophy embedded in everything we do.


Deliver excellence through closed production process as we monitor our raw material from breeding to finished products.
Customers’ satisfaction: Look and feel your best every day!
We stand accountable and responsible to ensure our product quality and customers’ satisfaction
A center for respect, cooperation, creativity, and a thriving for excellence.


Italian Hardware

All of our hardware is directly imported from Bologna, Italy.

Italian Dye Substances

Safe and well updated source of chemicals from Pisa, Italy


The symbol of glamour and timeless of genuine exotic leather. Our leather will obtain patina as it age beautifully overtime

Original Source of Crocodile Leather

Monitor from breeding to finished products to ensure we meet our own
ethical and sustainable standard that ties with International CITES criteria.
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