Genuine exotic leather artisan since 1988
Viet Thanh Company | April 26, 2024

Founded in 1988, we started as a family business, and still is a family-owned business until today with the tradition of tanning crocodile leather and a mission to keep up Vietnamese traditional leather artisan. Our crocodile leather products are being processed carefully before assembled. Crocodile leather is not only highlighting your look for the day, but also a meaningful gift for almost any occasion. The following points are some of the values we bring to our customers when using our crocodile leather products with peace of mind:

  • Our products are made of Siamese Crocodile (Crocodylus Siamensis), local inhabitants of Southeast Asia. Unique skin patterns and softness that doesn’t compromise durability.
  • Crocodile skin is harvested from Vietnam’s local crocodile farms who are highly certified by CITES, known as Convention on International Trade in endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora was established in 1975. Find out more about CITES via this provided link:
  • Furthermore, our leather met European quality and environmental standards as our processing chemicals and dye colors are directly imported from France and Italy. With certified European-made crocodile leather tanning substances, we made a further step to ensure that our customers get the best quality for their favorite crocodile leather accessory pieces.   
  • Closed production process from local farm through our artisans and to customers, we stand behind the quality of every fashion piece we make.
  • 100% handcrafted by skillful artisans.

We are, therefore, the icon for premium quality crocodile leather products made in Vietnam. You can find in our store everything from our iconic crocodile leather handbags to the latest fashion pieces that are crafted for you to look your best every day. So why wait? Have your favorite crocodile leather products in your collection now.

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